Saturday, 7 March 2009

#313-UK Visa Trip December 2008 Part 4, The 2nd/last day, Breakfast and Shopping.

We only stayed overnight, so obviously we went back to Penang the next day. It started off with breakfast in the morning, and guess what? I met my school's English teacher, Pn. Gan at the breakfast buffet! She was having breakfast with her daughter. Then, me and my mum shopped for awhile, getting a new bag, buying some new clothes and such. After shopping, all of us checked out and went for lunch at my uncle's company's cafe, Ali Cafe in TTDI. Then we headed home.

My breakfast. Mix of Continental and Asian.


Miso Soup.

Porridge is good for you!

A picture of the motorway from the breakfast cafe.

Swimming pool from the breakfast cafe.

The Gardens Residences.

Some random bug on the wall.

Menara Telekom close-up.

Menara Telekom from afar.

Fruits are good for you too...

The colourful buildings again.

Some random plant in the breakfast cafe.

Another picture of the highway below.

A bag in a bag.

My new luggage bag.

Uh huh. It really is.

Stuff I bought, socks, shirts, and underwear. The bag was free because of the shirts.

Was trying out some long pants.

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