Sunday, 8 March 2009

#314-UK Visa Trip December 2008 Part 5, The 2nd/last day, After checking out and before heading home.

Well, after breakfast and shopping, we checked out, headed for Samsonite to repair my brother's bag, then to lunch at Ali Cafe.

Outside the Samsonite Store.

View of the road from the store.

Some bamboo plants outside the service centre/store.

Parking ticket at the TTDI area.

Ali Cafe in TTDI.

The outside of the cafe.

Facelifted and unfacelifted versions of the 1st-gen Toyota Harrier.

On the way to fill up petrol.

The old price for petrol, it's currently at RM1.80/litre.

At the petrol station.

Fillin' her up.

Cost of a full tank of petrol.

On the way to the highway.

It was nearly 5pm when we were about to leave KL.

Watching: Meet The Parents.
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