Sunday, 31 May 2009

Blog has moved

My blog has moved!!!

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

#398-Blog is still screwed.

If you see this message, means you're on the revised version of my blog. If you don't, means you're on the old version. Please refresh your page to see the revised version.

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#397-Screwed Up My Blog

I screwed up my blog awhile ago by changing the theme. Now it's all messed up. I'm going to take care of this matter later today. For now, I just reverted back to a simple template.

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Monday, 11 May 2009

#396-Audi Q5 'Identity Theft' commercials.

Audi released two commercial videos of it's new Q5. The first one is centered around a lady who walks to supposedly her Lexus RX, but it doesn't open, then she sees another similar one, walks to it, it doesn't open, and so on until she arrives somewhere where the whole carpark is filled with the same colour Lexus RX. Then a black Audi Q5 drives out of nowhere and passes her.

The second one are schoolchildren who have just been released from classes and runs out to find all the same Lexus RXs parked in front of each other. Then a boy runs out to his dad who arrives in a black Q5.

I find it quite interesting and I wonder how much Audi spent on renting/buying all those Lexus RXs? Haha.

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#395-Couple of full moon pictures.

Sometime last week, the moon was in fullsize. I saw it and took a couple of photos of it.

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#394-10 random photos around where I live.

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#393-alexlovestech No.8, YouTube page overhaul.

Some pictures of my YouTube page overhaul, with a new colour scheme, background picture, profile picture and a updat on my profile.

My YouTube page;'s YouTube page

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