Tuesday, 10 February 2009

#281-When I left Penang for Singapore.

Here are some photos I took on the day I left Penang for London, during the time when I was going to Singapore and when I was in transit in Changi.

My travel documents.

In the departure lounge for the Penang Airport.

Mah plane to Singapore. Boeing 777.

In the cabin.


Somewhere over the skies.

They're still in the festive mood at that time.

Mi nuovo iPod.


It's a wrap!

It's spicy.

Leaving the plane.

My flight is the first one in red.

Waiting for the rest of my family.


On the skytrain to T3.

The funky-looking Crowne Plaza hotel.

Terminal 3.

Terminal 3.

Terminal 3.

My Airbus A380 seat number.

A Mac store.

I kinda like and want this phone, the Sony Ericsson C905.

When it's slided up.

My camera's brother.

sony style store.

Free public Wi-Fi for 15 minutes.

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wincent said...

Hey when you get the opportunity, you should also visit the other singapore tourist attractions . What you have visited might have been good, but there are still a couple more attractions you can visit. The zoo, birdpark etc..