Wednesday, 11 February 2009

#282-On the new Airbus A380

Well, after being in transit in Singapore for about an hour? I think. It was time for the flight to London. And boy was I excited! I got to travel on the new Airbus A380!! Overall, it's much more comfortable and the in-flight entertainment was superb compared to the old Boeing 747 I used to take on my previous times to the UK. I didn't take many pictures of the cabin as it was mostly dark for the whole flight. Here are the few that I took onboard the 13-hour flight.

A shot of the A380.

Another shot of the A380.

Inside the cabin.

The inflight entertainment screen.

The lights and warning signals.

Overhead luggage compartment.

Inflight menu.

The essentials bag.

I was bored, 2 hours into the flight.

The tap system onboard.

Twilight and onboard entertainment to keep me company (but I haven't opened the Twilight book until now!).

Lunch which consists of beef.

Chicken Rice.


I didn't quite like the beef, so I asked for the chicken rice, but they didn't have anymore so they got me some curry chicken from Business Class.


Flight mode.

Vegetable sandwich.

They even have Mamee Cup Noodles!

Good stuff!

Watched Connected, the Cantonese version of the US show Cellular.



Cup of Milo.

Ham sandwich.

I was bored, so I took a picture of the residue left from the cup of Milo I had.

iTunes playing Nelly feat. Paul Wall, Ali and Gipp - Grillz.
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