Wednesday, 4 February 2009

#280-A Weekend Up In Cambridge.

Well, last weekend, I felt like visiting my brother up in Cambridge again, so I bought the tickets on Saturday afternoon and went up to Cambridge by train from King's Cross station. It was a good time with my brother as he's the only family member in England (not including my relatives).

My host said that that plant is an apple tree. I don't see apples there??

My host's backyard.

I left for Cambridge and a little shopping at the Apple Store Regent Street at.....

.....1.43pm, 31/01/2009

First song of the day. I love this song. It's catchy, it's sexy, it's nice. LOL.

Birds who are always around the area I live in.

A bright day on Dalling Road.

Made my way to my usual Tube station.

Here is the entrance.

And took the District line to Victoria..

Me! Me!

Then at Victoria, I changed for the Victoria line.....

.....and got to Oxford Circus station.

Went to my bank to check my bank balance.

Purchased my copy of iWork '09 after going to the bank.

Here is me posing with my iWork '09.

Apple Store Regent Street.

Regent Street.

After that short shopping trip in London, I went to Cambridge via a train from King's Cross station.

Arrived in Cambridge at this time.

That's the train that took me from London to Cambridge.

The German Grilled Sausages stand.

Market Square, Cambridge.

The Smoked German Grilled Sausage that I got.

It's a good drink.

My brother's pizza.

My pizza.

There is snow falling when I left Cambridge.

Time I left Cambridge on Sunday.

King's Cross station.

iTunes playing Melanie C feat. Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopes - Never Be The Same Again.
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