Tuesday, 20 January 2009

#271-Final bits of Penang.

Some pictures that I took on my last day in Penang before leaving to go to the airport. It was sad leaving a place which I have lived for 17 years, but it's college in a new place, so what to do, right?

With my maids, Yati and Flora, last picture with them for awhile.

My ride to the airport. Gonna miss this car.

The car the bags gone in. Gonna miss this car too!

Gonna miss all of you!! Especially the black Honda CR-V!

Some kuih as breakfast.

My new shoes.

At the airport.

Checking in.

With Tameer. The Pani twins came to send me off at the airport.

With Tameer and Saameer. Thanks for sending me off guys!

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