Tuesday, 20 January 2009

#270-Tag by Mr. Benjamin T.K.H.

1. Does it matter to you if your boyfriend or girlfriend smoke?

2. How about drinking?
Depends on what. We need water to survive, don't we?

3. Do you like someone you can't have?

4. If someone liked you right now, would you want them to tell you?
I dunno....

5. What's your favourite sport?
I don't do sports. Lol. I'm not sporty. That's why I have my size right now.

6. Its Saturday night, and you're home alone... what do you do?
I'll cook myself a nice dinner, pop in a DVD into the player and enjoy (in the UK).
I'll go out for a movie or something with either family or friends (in Malaysia).

7. Do you like roller coasters?
Em, no.

8. When's the perfect time to have a bf/gf?
When you're grown up?

9. If you could date any celebrity, who would it be?
Cheryl Cole, but she's married to Ashley Cole, the footballer, already. Sigh.

10. What are you doing this weekend?
I'm gonna be in Cambridge for my brother's CNY party.

11. What is your favourite restaurant?
gourmet burger kitchen, they serve some pretty darn good burgers there.

12. Have you ever hugged someone?
Yes, infact, just recently, when I said goodbye to my parents before they left for the airport.

13. Ever kissed someone you weren't attracted to?

14. Do you like anyone right now?
Mmhmm. Can't tell you who, can I?

15. What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
How they look?

16. Which do you prefer, Beach or Mountains?
The beach.

17. What kind of phone do you have?
Sony Ericssons. Big fan of 'em.

18. Computer or Laptop?
My MacBook Pro!

19. Jeans or Sweats?
Huh? I don't wear jeans, that's for sure.

20. Which year(s) has/have been the best so far?

21. How old are you gonna be on your next birthday?

22. What should you be doing right now?
Homework and clearing my room.

23. What is your favourite TV show?
The Amazing Race series, CSI, HK dramas and a few more.

24. What's been your last purchase?
A Ferrari Black Eau de Toilette from Harrods for GBP12.67.

25. Are you attracted to girls/boys that smoke?

26. Have you ever fallen on your butt in front of a crowd of people?

27. What do you do when you're at home?
Watch TV, surf the net, blogging, eat, sleep and etc. etc.

28. What is your favourite subject?

29. What's the best thing that's ever happened to you?
Em, being able to drive!

30. 10 ppl to tag
Anyone who wants to this tag, I'm lazy to tag them on my own.

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