Friday, 14 November 2008

#248-New domain name!!

Well, well, well......Guess who recently joined in the ranks of,,, and other young teen Penang bloggers with their personal domain name???

ME! Your one and only, yours truly. Whatever. I'm gonna give my blog a refresh and this is the 1st step. Following updates will be done after my SPM which ends in 2 weeks time. My blog has been with me since April 2008 and at around post #97 is I'm not wrong, I gave it the 1st refresh. I changed the blog template, gave it a new look and name and also I changed the link for to

Now, at nearly 250 posts, well 248 to be exact, I have changed the link of my blog again. This time I purchased a custom domain name through Blogger's services and the process was very easy. My new URL link / domain name is,

You can still type in and it will direct that URL to my new one so no worries. But I do advice friends of mine to relink me. Oh and I bought the domain name with my MOL Freedom prepaid Mastercard.

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