Monday, 25 August 2008

#150-KL Trip PT. 5 - Day 4 and Day 5 updates

Day 4 was the last day in Genting before leaving for KL that afternoon. As usual, had breakfast in the morning and was typing a blogpost on my phone during breakfast when the Wi-Fi got cut off and I realised the post wasn't saved. It was super-long okay! Swt. Em, then went to the Arcade for some last minute games to finish off the credit still left on the card. Went back to the room around 12.30-ish to pack in lightning mode. Checked out from the hotel and went back down to KL to attend my dad's friend's wedding. If I ain't wrong, it's the second time ever for me attending a Malay wedding. It's nice in a way that they have all the nice kuihs to consume. But first, we checked back into The Gardens Hotel to refresh ourselves first. It was raining pretty bad at that time. Stayed there for about 1/2 hour and then took off. Went back to the hotel, bathed, went out window-shopping at The Gardens and Midvalley. Dinner was at San Francisco Steakhouse with my brother while my parents took Thai food. After that, it was just back to the hotel to chill and watch movies.

Day 5 was the final day of the trip and it started off with me zombie-fying all the way to The Spread to join my family for buffet. I was sleepy! Lol. I managed to take all the food half-awake. Lol. After that, was a bath followed by last minute window-shopping in Midvalley.It was pretty jammed up at Lingkaran Syed Putra which is the road surrounding the Midvalley Megamall and The Gardens area when we wanted to get onto the highway after checking out. Throughout the journey, the rain was pretty bad and at one point the visibility of the car infront was non-existent. It started to get better near the Perak-Kedah border and up until the Penang Bridge, it wasn't raining. Along the way, we stopped at the Tapah reststop for a KFC lunch and some coffee. Had to fetch some petrol at Parit Buntar because the meter said 16km to empty. Hehehehehe. Hilarious period I must say. Reached my house at around 8pm.

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