Wednesday, 27 August 2008

#151-KL Trip PT. 6 - Day Two Pictures

Pictures from Day 2 of my recent KL Trip.

From the W300,

Me #1.

Me #2.

Newspaper in a bag.

Random shot #1.

Newspaper out of the bag.

Me #3.

Random shot #2.

Telekom Malaysia building.

Random shot #3.

My hotel in KL.


Me #4.

Fillin' 'er up before going up to Genting Highlands.

Me #5.

Volkswagen Touareg V6.

EziCash card for the Genting Arcade.

Me #6.

2nd day lunch.

Me #7.

Me #8.

My Maxims Genting room keycard.

Me #9.

BMW 630i Coupe.

Me #10.

Toyota Alphard V6.

Honda Accord 2.4i-VTEC.

Misty.....Can you see my hotel in the background??

Random shot #4.

Battle of the Honda Accords.

Honda Accord 2.0i-VTEC.

The new Nissan Sylphy 2.0.

Porsche Cayenne Turbo.

Yet another new Honda Accord 2.4i-VTEC.

The new Toyota Corolla Altis 1.8G.

An orange Subaru Impreza.

Mercedes-Benz C200K Avantgarde.

Trio of Toyota Camrys.

Rare Nissan Skyline.

BMW X5 3.0si.

Me #11.

BMW 523i.

Flashing 'AWAS" sign.

BMW 750Li.

Chicken Soup.

2nd day dinner.


Misty Night #1.

Me #12.

Me #13.

Got this can of Coke from the arcade, got it everytime we reloaded RM50.

From the F717,

The Gardens Hotel toiletries kit.

Laptop on the hotel.

Dark skies.

More dark skies.

My phone.

My camera.

Dirty river water.

In house hotel phone.

Me #14.

Path to the pool.

Hotel pool.

Shower area for the pool.

Deck chairs.

Raining en route to Genting.

Me #15.

On The Road to Genting - Near Batu Caves.

On The Road to Genting - Karak Highway.

On The Road to Genting - Karak Highway.

On The Road to Genting - Signboard to Genting.

On The Road to Genting - The narrow exit to Genting.

Saw this Range Rover Sport Supercharged on the way up.

Another shot of the Range Rover.

On The Road to Genting - Near the top.

On The Road to Genting - At the top.

That's our hotel in the baclground.

It was quite misty that day.

Me #16.

Random shot #5.

Random shot #6.

Misty Night #2.

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