Thursday, 21 August 2008

#148-KL Trip PT. 3 - Day One Pictures

Pictures from Day 1 of my KL Trip

Buttons in the lift?

Random shot #1

Random shot #2

Random shot #3

Random shot #4


The choice of mooncakes at Crystal Jade Restaurant.

Me #2

Reaching KL mileage.

Reaching KL trip meter B.

Random shot #5

Me #3

My Dark Mocha Frap.

Extra chocolate...

Sippin' on my Frap.

I like this picture.

Vaining in the room.

This month's Mobile World magazine.

The connection bridge between Midvalley Megamall and The Gardens Midvalley.

Rear of the Hyundai i10.

Front of the Hyundai i10.

Centre console of the Hyundai i10.

Built in in-car entertainment for the Hyundai i10.

Gearstick and aircon controls for the Hyundai i10.

Steering wheel and instrument cluster, Hyundai i10.

Rims of the Hyundai i10.

Engine bay of the Hyundai i10.

The new Sony Ericsson W980i.

The new Sony Ericsson W980i flip opened.

Random shot #6.

Yesterday's dinner.

Update 1, extra pictures from my other camera.

Road to the carpark.

Fellow Penang CR-Varian.

In the lift.

The link that connects Midvalley with The Gardens.

The 'Gurney Drive' restaurant at The Gardens.

The touchscreen directory service at The Gardens shopping mall.

Some random design inside The Gardens.

The pathways that link one side to the other each at different angles on different floors.

Shopped here for awhile.

Traffic in KL.

Random shot out of my hotel room.

The Gardens Hotel lobby.

A chandelier in the middle of the hotel lobby.


Mercedes CLS350.

BMW 318ci.

BMW Z3 2.0i.

Limited edition Honda Civic Mugen Edition.

Listening to Keri Hilson - Energy.
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