Wednesday, 20 August 2008

#146-KL Trip PT.1

We started the journey today at 9.25am, stopped at Petronas Green Lane for the Tough n Go fill-up and then it was all the way to KL with no stops at all. Reached at around 1-ish and drove around a little bit trying to find the hotel. Checked into the hotel, The Gardens Hotel and Residences. Rooms 1719 and 1720. Come find me, haha. The hotel's awesome man! Instead of the usual insert-your-card-into-the-cardslot routine, this hotel requires you to tap the card on the lift scanner and it will let you press the desired floor. That goes the same for the room. Had lunch at Crystal Jade Restaurant with parents and brother and after that they went off to do their stuff while I stayed back in Midvalley to come here, Starbucks, to blog and later to walk around and maybe to shop a little. Swimming is also on my to-do list later prob around 6.30 or so? See ya. More updates will be coming later.

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