Sunday, 1 June 2008

#43-Singapore Madness PT. 3

Haha. Second day of being in Singapore and I haven't been doing much yet. What I did was just having breakfast with my mum at the coffeehouse on the 5th floor. Breakfast was good. Good variety. Anyways, I should be headed for lunch later at The Marketplace @ Raffles City I believe that's what it's called. After lunch I plan on using Singapore's brilliant MRT system to once again take a ride to Vivo City, time to use that EZLink card again!! Yay! Anyways, for now before lunch, I think I'll just chill for a little more here at the Club Lounge. Then, maybe just venture into nearby shopping centres or maybe just strolling by the walkways to take pictures. Shopping will most prob be done in Vivo, because I believe that there's more choices in Vivo than any other malls on Orchard Road. Oh yea, my aunt's BMW 335i Coupe was truly exciting. Wonderful pickup, great speed, slightly crappy navigation, but otherwise, it's alright.

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