Sunday, 1 June 2008

#44-Singapore Madness PT. 4

Wow, today has been going strong. Just had lunch with my aunt, my granduncle and my two grandaunts, as well as my aunt's friend's family at Marketplace Cafe @ Raffles. Lunch was alright. Took a lot of pictures. Mostly on food and cars and random stuff on the road/wherever I am. Currently, I'm sitting at Starbucks Vivo City writing this entry, listening to my iPod as I type. Oh and, I also visited iShop by Club 21 at Cineleisure on Grange Road. Wo, it was big as hell. Truly the largest Apple Store in Asia/Singapore.

On the other hand, the guy at iShop said that my iPod nano is spoilt. The problem is, my computer can't detect my iPod, therefore it can't be synced with my computer nor can I transfer data on it. My iPod shuffle works fine though. I hope I'll get a new iPod soon. :-) Mmmm.....iPod classic 160GB or iPod touch 32GB?? Hahaha...Eh, dengan tidak sedar saya sudah terpesong dari topik utama blogpost ini. Eh, why I suddenly talk in Malay.

Anyways, all is good, so no worries. Eh, anyone realised that girls in Singapore look more daring/open-minded/sexier/pretty than Malaysian girls??? Hahahaha....LOL!

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