Saturday, 31 May 2008

#42-Singapore Madness PT. 2

Well, sad to say, but I can't upload the pictures tonight. I think I wanna fill up my camera till it's full before I download the pictures to my laptop. I still have 2693 pictures more to go on my 2GB card. But I think I'll take a whole lot of photos tomorrow, cause I might be exploring Singapore deeper, maybe I'll go to the Singapore River tomorrow. And more pictures from Vivo to come. Vivo rocks, man!!

Tonight, well, it started off with me running my ass of from Vivo to Grand Hyatt Singapore for dinner. I had to take the MRT from Harbourfront (NE1) to the Dohby Ghaut interchange (NS24/NE6) then take the North-South Line to Orchard (NS22). After that, I had to run about 500-700 metres to the hotel. It's not about running from the exit of the station to the hotel, it's the running from one line to the other as well as the length between the exit and the train. But it's good exercise :-)

I'm in Starbucks opposite my hotel right now. My god. It's like 12.00am 1st of June right now and the place is still like so damn crowded. Singaporeans are really alive. They never sleep. Really. The whole Starbucks is like full. Dad's texting me right now asking me to go back to the room, so I think that's it for this post.


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