Saturday, 31 May 2008

#41-Singapore Madness PT. 1

Oh well, I'm currently sitting in Starbucks @ Vivo City Singapore. All is well for now and flight and all is good. Pictures will be up later, when I'm back at the hotel using it's wi-fi services at the club lounge. Yes, we're in a Club Room. More on that later. Anyways, just chillin' in Starbucks sippin' on a Grande Caramel Frap. Good stuff!!

Oh yea, it's been raining as hell here in Singapore. And you know me, I don't carry an umbrella with me at all times, so there was one part where I needed to go back from Ngee Ann City to my hotel, Meritus Mandarin Singapore, which is actually next to each other, separated by a road. I ran across the road with about 7secs on the timer. Under the rain, yes, UNDER THE RAIN, BAWAH HUJAN, etc. etc. I was wet la after that. Luckily I've got a spare change of clothes in my bag, so changed, came out, waited in the taxi stand, and I was like how could she, the lady behind me, go first. Then, the usher was like are you a in-house guest? Yes. Room number? 3008. Oh ok, next cab is for you then. /whoo I beat the rest who were in line. Hehehe..Hahaha...

I got my dream cab :->. A Hyundai Sonata 2.0 CRDi, no lar, not my dream cab. I was just hoping it would not be those old Toyota Crown/Nissan Cedric diesel taxis. Bored of those already, now the taxis I prefer sitting in are the Hyundai Sonata CRDi, Kia Magentis diesel, Mercedes E200 NGT and E220cdi, VW Touran TDi and Skoda Superb TDi. LOOOLLL!!!!

Part 2 will come soon. Stay tuned.

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