Sunday, 8 June 2008

#50-Singapore Madness PT. 10 ~ Room 3008, Meritus Mandarin Singapore

This was our room throughout the stay in Singapore. It's Room 3008, on the 30th floor of Meritus Mandarin Singapore. It's categorised under 'Club Room', so we're entitled to free internet access at the Club Lounge, free breakfast, free 2-piece-a-day laundry, late checkout, free hi-tea, and etc. etc.

Keycards for the room.

3008, yea!

The door, oh, the room's like right at the end of the corridor, so it's in a nice cosy corner.

The door bell, the DND and Please Clean The Room signs.

What you see when you open the door.

The bathtub.

The sink.

The toiletbowl.

The shower.

The bed.

The massage chair.

The desk.

The TV and mini-bar underneath it.

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