Sunday, 8 June 2008

#49-Singapore Madness PT. 9 ~ iShop by Club21, Cineleisure Orchard

Well, it claims to be the biggest Apple Premium Reseller in Asia, and yes I do believe it. The store was pretty huge itself with the whole line of Apple products on display, from the iPod shuffle to the Mac Pro, they even have a small corner for trainings and all. Their customer service/workshop is also located in the same store. It's located on the 3rd floor of Cineleisure Orchard which in turn is located on 8, Grange Road which is just off Orchard Road and is behind Meritus Mandarin Singapore.

The store's logo.

Main entrance of the store.

All the software and whatnot for sale on display.

The new aluminium iMacs.

The iPod nanos on display.

All the colours of the nano except red, there's black, blue, green, silver, pink.

Mac Pro hooked up to a 30-inch Apple Cinema Display.

The iPod classics and iPod touches on display.

It's silver and black for the classic and only black for the touch.

The oh-so-sweet Macbook Air.

Macbook Pro running Windows XP.

Skins for Macs.

The shop's blue demo 2nd-gen iPod nano 4GB and my own 8GB nano.

20-inch iMac (left) / 24-inch iMac (right)

Xbox 360s for sale.

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