Thursday, 23 April 2009

#358-Happy 1st birthday,!

Time flies, eh? What started out as "This Is My Life Bitch", and went on to become "Alex Khoo's Blog", and what is now known as in both URL and Blog Name is now one year old! I started my blog last year on the 19th of April and although I know it's a few days later (today's the 23rd), I was busy. I also started my blog just for fun after reading my most influential blogger, Nicholas Chan, and again, I can't believe it's a year old already! The custom domain name/URL isn't a year old yet, having only gotten it in November last year, but it's the whole blog and it's contents which count. Now it's a year old, I hope the content has improved since I first started and it's mostly photos and videos on my blog, not many personal thoughts (I'm not that kind of person who pours his/her heart out on his/her blog.

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