Wednesday, 1 April 2009

#347-I've also bought some new gadgets from Apple!

I know it's a lot of money, but I've always liked Apple since I got to know more about the brand. Currently I got my MacBook Pro, 2nd-gen 8GB iPod nano, 4th-gen 8GB iPod nano and a 2nd-gen 1GB iPod shuffle. Those are my main Apple gadgets (I also have like iWork, Apple Keyboard and such, but those are accessories). So, I've decided to expand my Apple collection by buying a few more gadgets totalling to a very fabulous amount of £18,899.66. Yea!

I know I have three iPods, but I've always wanted an iPod classic. The shape, the size, the capacity just captures my eye. So I got it!
I also got an iPhone 16GB (white) to replace my ageing phones. Mmhmm. I now have the ultimate phone! And I also got the dock to accompany it.
The beats by dr. dre headphones is my dream pair of headphones and since I was shopping at the Online Apple Store, I decided to get it.

I got an Apple TV for my room here and the 24" Apple LED Cinema Display to use the Apple TV with.
Ohh, the Mac Pro, the ultimate Mac machine! I also got that as a desktop, using my MBP as a desktop computer just feels weird. The 2 30" Apple HD Cinema Displays are for the Mac Pro.

All this here are extra accessories for the Mac Pro.

The stuff that I just ordered should arrive in the next few days. Stay tuned for them unboxings and such!

iTunes playing Clay Aiken - On My Way Here.
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