Friday, 20 March 2009

#334-Subjects I'm Taking.

As most of you might have known by now, I'm the London currently studying for my A-Levels. In short, I'm in college. Davies Laing and Dick college to be exact. I don't think I have mentioned about this before, but I just wanted to give an idea of what subjects I'm taking for my A-Levels.


By far, I like this subject the most. I like how the way it works and the concepts and such. I am taught by a guy with the name of Dave Dineen. Nice-typical-British-accent guy. I am taking Units 1 and 2 for the AS-Level, which is the first year, and Units 3 and 4 for the A2-Level, which is the second and final year.

Core Mathematics

As you know, I only like Modern Maths and not Add Maths. I would say this Core Maths is sort of like a combination between those 2 subjects. I kinda enjoy it too as I've come to learn the terms, equations, how to do it, and etc. etc. The teacher who is teaching me is called Richard Milner. Nice guy too! There are 6 modules in this subject, but I'm only taking 4 modules because I've combined this subject with Mechanics. So I'm taking C1, C2, C3 and C4.


I'm taking Mechanics as a supplementary to Core Maths. I can take Mechanics on it's own, but I don't really like Mechanics and I'm already taking Statistics (another Maths subject) on it's own and I don't want to take to get to many A-Levels in Maths. So instead of 6 Mechanics modules, I'm only taking 2 which is M1 and M2. My teacher is called David Quinn.


I'm not really taking the exams this summer, because Statistics for A-Levels is actually a one year programme. I'm only taking the classes now to try and absorb in as many details as possible before actually starting the course next semester. I find it hard, but hopefully I can get along with it. Teachers name is Mojgan Esfahani.


Purely crap subject, but I'm taking it for the sake of getting an extra credit for A-Levels. I find it both interesting and boring. Michelle Tyler is the name of my Sociology teacher.

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