Sunday, 15 March 2009

#331-3rd-gen iPod shuffle 4GB review.

I bought the new iPod shuffle on Friday and used it for a little while, then I returned it yesterday. I thought I would like it in the first place, but it turned out that I didn't really like it. Here's a short review of the device.

-Box has a nice cute design.
-The size is pretty small, considering there's 4GB in the device.
-VoiceOver is pretty cool.
-The USB cable is pretty interesting.

-No play/pause, volume control, forward/previous buttons on the device itself, it's all the earphones.
-You can only use the earphones provided in the box.
-It's so tiny, you tend to lose it in the long run.
-The shiny metal back may scratch easily.

My final verdict:
I'd give it a 5/10.

When I first got it at the store.

The box is the size of my palm!

That's the shuffle.

A shot from the side.

It's roughly the size of my finger.

Compared to the old shuffle.

The USB cable.

The earphones with the remote control.

The shiny metal back plate.

iTunes playing Bee Gees - Stayin' Alive.
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