Sunday, 15 March 2009

#330-My journey from London to Cambridge for my brother's birthday gathering.

Last Saturday (not yesterday) was my brother's birthday gathering, so I went up to Cambridge to attend that gathering. Here are some pictures from that day.

The bus stop which is just outside where I'm staying.

At the bus stop.

Near the Hammersmith bus station.

Took the 266 to the station.

Had McD's for lunch.

Saw my favourite phone brand's store :-).

Hyde Park or Kensington Gardens? I don't know!!

Gates to the park.

Park Lane.

Oxford Street.

A random photo.

Finally at the King's X Station.

Used my MBP for a little while at the station.

Part of Grand Arcade Mall, Cambridge.

My Grande Mocha Frap.

Finally some Malaysian food! This is Roti Jala.

Some chicken curry.

My plate.

The birthday birthday cupcakes rather.

All lighted up!

Shen Han, Me, my brother, Lay Ping and Ling.

Cleaver-ing the cupcakes.

iTunes playing Lil Wayne feat. T-Pain - Got Money.
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