Friday, 27 February 2009

#299-SXI 2008 Form 5's last day of school Part 1.

My birthday is the 24th of October. It was also the last day of school for us ex-Form 5 and Upper 6 pupils of St. Xavier last year. After that we had a study leave until SPM for Form 5ers and STPM for Upper 6ers. I went to school (it was the first time going to school on a birthday), and it was fun, cameras were clicking everywhere and no teacher even bothered confiscating our camera. Well, I was in Form 5 so I've no idea what was going on with the Upper 6ers.

On the way to school.

Siva and Tameer comparing colour. No offense here guys! We're just fooling around.

Jack and his Nikon D60.

5 Science 3, not my class, but I frequently come here. Lol.

Dhinesh and Tameer, two good mates of mine.

Miss Juanita, a very good English teacher, with her signature smile.

The SPM check-list, it's been a LONG LONG time since I've seen this paper!

Me and Wei Lun, my class monitor.

Thanveer, Me, Azhim and Damian, peeps from my class.

Kong Sun and me. Best friends since Standard 1!

Yen Huey, Neil, Me and Ben Cheah.

Khalid, Me, Nahvin.

Me and Saj a.k.a Eddie.

With Joshua.

The SPM timetable. Something else I haven't seen in a LONG LONG time.

Me and Azhim. That's where I use to sit throughout the whole of last year.

My message from Miss Mary Ann on the autograph section of my school's yearbook.

Trying some 'swinging' exercises.
Saameer, Saj, Mehul and Sarves. Taken from the ground floor, they were on the 2nd floor.

The canteen during recess.

Daryl's camera.

Eugene, Me and Daryl.

Another picture of the canteen.

The twins and Kevin.

Me and Aaron. Tuition friends, but he's a year below me.

Me and Daniel 'The Pope'.

Me and Jonathan.

Clockwise from right, Shuhail, Chan Wai, Alfred, Benny, Travis, Delton, Siva and me.

With Ee-Jon, Edwin and Ben Cheah.

I kinda forgot whose camera was this.

Ben Teoh's camera.

Pheng Shiew, Ben Teoh, Me and Eric Ong.

Pheng Shiew, Kenneth, Me and Neil.

Wei Zheng.

The wacky group.

Viki's camera.

A drink I had.

After recess.

Mr Ian Howell and me.

Jia Hau, Wai Chun, Kai Wei, Me and Kevin Woo.

iTunes playing Blue - All Rise.
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