Thursday, 26 February 2009

#297-Kathina Day at Dhammikarama Temple 2008

It was the day of the Kathina. 18th October 2008. Went to the temple around 10 in the morning. Did some praying at the Arahant, the Main Hall and the Sima Hall. Then it was some chanting along with the monks, the procession round the Sima Hall again, then it was the presentation of the RM400 trays at the Sima Hall, lunch, presentation of the RM150 trays at the main hall and after that it was the end of the day.

Fishes in the pond.

The Arahant.

Getting ready for the procession.

Huge candle and joss sticks.

The dining hall.

With some statue outside the Sima Hall.

Some free ice-cream was given out.

Ah ha. Me getting ready to present a tray to the monk.

Doing a good deed!

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