Saturday, 21 February 2009

#293-Prom Night Part 2!

Here is another set of photos from my prom. This comes from my other camera, the F717 which was kept in the boot of the car and I didn't bother using it until later half-way through the prom.

That was one hell of a night!!

Blur-face Chong King.

Venue for the night. G Hotel Penang.

Candid shot of Delton.

Something I won for the lucky draw competition.

It was a silk tie.

A picture with Honey.

A shot of the ballroom from where I was sitting.

Jack's phone.

Chong King in the first awards category. I forgot what it was named. Dang!

Some breakdancing crew doing their thing.

During another one of the awards category.

During the 'Slut Of The Year' award.

Farhan explaining why he should be chosen.

Mark explaining why.

Adam was the main emcee of the night.

Oh shoot. It's my turn. You probably can't see it, but I was nervous!

Stage fright has gotten into me!!! OH NO!!

Luckily it ended fast...

A nice cup of tea to 'cool' me down.

Adrian's Fujifilm semipro camera.

Siva's Canon EOS 1000D.

Pheng Shiew's phone.

Viknesh's phone.

Me & a blur-faced Chong King.

It's not what you think, okayyy!!!!

Slow-dancing session.

Me and Edwin Raj.


Party time!!

Dancing to the beat!

Uh-huh, uh-huh.

Havin' a good time, all of them.

Partyin' till they drop (I was too, just that I stopped to take a picture).

Alex, Wei Lymm, Alex.

Dancin' on stage, uh huh!

Siva enjoying~

Suraj looks happy! Ee-Jon, I dunno.

Havin a good time, everyone?

A ballroom full of prom/party-goers.

Let's move to the beat.

1st time I partied and danced hard!!

Me and Adrian, after dancing. ADRIAN, LOOK AT THE CAMERA!

Now, that's more like it.

Viki, Shuhail and your man Alex.

Oi, Hilmi, out of the picture, NOW! LOL!

A huge SXI Form 5ers class of 2008 group picture, not the complete list, but heck, at least we got one.

The Khoos, Alex and Adam.

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