Sunday, 19 October 2008

#242-Updated Setup, clean and tidy.

With inspiration from Nick Chan,, and since I couldn't concentrate on studying, I've decided to clean up my desk. It has a fresh new updated look and it's all arranged now.

New fresh updated look. I kept my Apple Keyboard and Mouse and will only take it out when I want to use it.

7-port USB hub, iPods on respective docks and the 2 Sony Ericssons.

Books and dictionary. Wait....Do you see something out of the ordinary???

Yep. It's my new Western Digital MyBook 500GB Home Edition External HDD.

Some chargers and a few strings/lanyards are now hung up.

Hannah Tan and Me.

SPM Timetable.

My most wanted camera, the Sony a300 Champagne Gold Limited Edition.

iTunes playing T.I. - Whatever You Like.
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