Saturday, 18 October 2008

#241-Capdase Flip-Top Leather Case for Sony Ericsson P1i

9 days ago, before I got my P1i back from service, I purchased a Capdase leather case for my P1i at Charlie Communications. I did not take it home with me until I got my P1i the following Wednesday. Hence, in the photos, you see both the leather case and my P1i.

It is made by Capdase. If you missed the title, it's called the Capdase Flip-Top Leather Case for Sony Ericsson P1i.

It's not too thick, so it'll fit in my pocket perfectly. So far, so good, the days which have gone by with me using the case.

The design of the case is like that of the case that comes with the Nokia N95. It flips down, and it has a magnetic latch to keep it closed.

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