Wednesday, 8 October 2008

#226-Day 281 of 2008 (07/10/2008)

Mmmm, I brought my camera to school 2 days ago and that day was the day when I used my T9 the whole day. Didn't take many pictures but here are the shots that I took.

Farquhar Street.

Walking to the field.

The clear blue sky.

The teachers cars were parked in the field that day because of the Speech Day rehearsal in the teachers parking lots in school.

The other side of Farquhar Street.


Me squatting on the overhead bridge.

Fooling around with the monitor. Lol.

My desk.

My class.

Poster for Prom.

Me and Damian.

Empty streets....

....when the Form 5's are dismissed at 2.50pm.

My lunch.

Temple on Cantonment Road.

New petrol price.

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