Sunday, 5 October 2008

#224-What should I get?

Well, my 17th birthday is in 19 days time (24th OCT) and I plan on getting a birthday present for myself. I probably won't buy the present until after the SPM but I'm posting this now to get my readers opinion on what I should get.

Well, I need a handheld gaming console to keep myself entertained on-the-go/when I'm on an airplane/a roadtrip holiday. My phone's games are totally boring and when I'm not taking pictures like when the camera runs out of battery, the memory card is full, or I just don't feel like taking pictures, I can entertain myself with the PSP-3000 pictured above. It's being released in Europe on Oct 15 for $199(RM660). The PSP-3000 is not much different in design over the PSP-2000, it's only the addition of a mic and kind of like an anti-glare screen.

This is the new Nintendo DSi released for $180 in Japan. It now has a larger screen, SD card slot, internal storage, music playback, and dual cameras. The reason I want this is the same as the PSP, to entertain myself.

I may want a new phone too. Maybe I'll trade my P1i in or something. I won't necessarily want the Nokia E71i like above, I'm open to all brands (except cheap-imitation-China-brands). Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG, HTC, Nokia and Motorola are all welcomed. Recommendations?

New iPod? Yea. My nano has some problems syncing lately and there are scratches everywhere. 120GB classic because I have alot of photos, 20GB worth of videos, and 2000 songs? Yea.

Or should I get the iPod touch? It's 16GB capacity is enough for some of my video files, my entire music library and probably part of my photo library.

So what should I get? Please, please do mumble something below or leave a message in my chatbox! Thanks alot!

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