Sunday, 14 September 2008

#183-New iPods hands-on at Switch Gurney Plaza

Again, another post on the new iPods that were just launched close to a week ago. I followed the live updates of Apple's Let's Rock event, waited patiently for the new iPods to arrive in my local Apple store and actually it arrived last Saturday but I wasn't free at that time. So today, when I rang up Popular and they said the calculator that I wanted is here, other than taking a short trip to Popular Gurney to buy the calculator and some other stationery equipment, I also took the chance to go to the Apple store to look at the new iPods. Unfortunately, the only demo of the new iPods that were available is the silver 8GB iPod nano. The classic's demo unit is still the old 80GB black and the touch's is the 1G 8GB model. I guess they didn't want to open a new classic since it's still the same as the 80/160 GB models. And the iPod touch's haven't arrived at the store yet. Enough of the blabbering and on with the pictures!

The new iPod nano. Wicked awesome!! LOL.


Compared to my very own 8GB 2G iPod nano.

Back of the new iPod nano.

Range of colours of the new iPod nano available, all in 8GB models for now. 16GB will arrive later.

The updated iPod classic's are now in white boxes, pretty much like the 16GB white iPhone. I think they look better than they were in black boxes, don't you think?

The refreshed iPod shuffles are also on sale, 1GB and 2GB models.

Orange is soooooooo nice!

And so is yellow!

iTunes playing Weezer - Beverly Hills.
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