Friday, 12 September 2008

#182-Pictures from my RAZR V3x.

I don't bring my P1i or my other Sony Ericsson phones to school. My P1i is my main phone with my main line and I do not want to bring that to school. And during exam periods, I bring my phone to school to be kept and also for emergencies. So, I have and old phone of mine, a RAZR V3x hanging around in my room and I decided to bring that. Well, of course, I did take some pictures and here they are. Lol. Surprisingly, the quality of the pictures ain't that bad for a 2mps camera phone. But do pardon some of the blurry pictures ya!

Me and the new haircut.

My Add Maths book.

My Swatch watch.

Attempted Macro shot with the phone.

Burmah Road.

The other part of Burmah Road.

Hilton KL sweet.

Macaroni Carbonara as lunch yesterday.

'Leng Chee Kang' dessert.

My bag of wedges.RM 1 for a pack. Totally worth it.

Me and Viknesh.

Viknesh, Me, Delton and Nicholas.

Allan Wu launching the teams at the starting line of The Amazing Race Asia 3.

Random Facebook sidebar.

This month's Hypertune package.

This month's Hypertune magazine.

iTunes playing Justin Timberlake - LoveStoned/I Think She Knows.
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