Wednesday, 10 September 2008

#177-New iPods and iTunes 8.0

On the 9th of September 2008, 10am(PDT)/1pm(EST)/6pm(GMT), was Apple's Let's Rock music event. Steve Jobs was the one who, as always, hosted the event. He started off by introducing iTunes 8, which now has a Genius app and the capability to support and buy HD TV shows on the iTunes Store for $2.99. He then moved on to the iPods. He introduced the new iPod nano 4G, iPod touch 2G, revised iPod classic and revised iPod shuffle.

The iPod shuffle also sees some revisions, mainly in colours. It still has the same loveable small clip-design as my own shuffle. The colours are now brighter, the purple model is now dropped in favour of a pink-coloured model. I must say, they kind of reverted back to the old colours for the shuffle, before the revisions last September. The silver is still the same as well as the red for the Product(RED) model, and the medium-to-dark blue and green hues makes a comeback. The addition of pink is a ladies touch (I do like pink myself), and its hue is like the pink colour that was available for the 3G iPod nano. The same 1GB and 2GB models remain and the prices are similar too.

iPod shuffle 2G 1GB, $49 (RM162)
iPod shuffle 2G 2GB, $69 (RM228)

The most-hyped announcement of the event would be the new 4G iPod nano. It has reverted back to the style-wise of my 2G iPod nano. Tall, slim and sexy. Lol. It's a nice design to me with a new UI in place. This new nano, to me, is the most feature-packed of them all, apart from the iPod touch. The new nano sports a built in acclerometer, whereby if you would want to watch a video in landscape mode, you just turn it to the side, pretty much like the iPod touch and the new Sony Ericsson Walkman phones. It has another feature also similar to the SE Walkman phones, a Shake-To-Shuffle feature, you shake the iPod to shuffle your music. The new iPod nano also has the widest range of colours you can ever find on an iPod, with a total of 9 colours. Black, silver, green, blue, purple, pink, yellow, orange and a Product(RED) variant. the 4GB model is dropped and the new entry level is an 8GB model whiel the high end model is a 16GB model.

iPod nano 4G 8GB, $149 (RM492)
iPod nano 4G 16GB, $199 (RM657)

The iPod classic did not see many changes in it's design, but the 80GB and 160GB models have been dropped in favouir of only a single storage capacity, 120GB. It's still available in black and silver and I'm not really sure whether it has the new interface like the new iPod nano.

iPod classic 6G 120GB, $249 (RM822)

The iPod touch now has a similar design to the iPhone, with a curved back. However, one drawback is that the iPod touch still has a metal back, which is prone to scratches and stuff. It now comes in the iPod nano-like box and from the looks of it, I must say it does look pretty awesome to me. It has the Nike+iPod Sport kit built into the iPod and no receiver is required for it. The iPod touch now also has the Genius app installed, a built-in speaker, external volume control and it comes in 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB, pretty much like the 1st-gen model but with lower prices.

iPod touch 2G 8GB, $229 (RM756)
iPod touch 2G 16GB, $299 (RM987)
iPod touch 2G 32GB, $399 (RM1317)

All iPod are immediately available at launch in the US while other markets will receive it sometime this week. As for Malaysia, the local store(a premium reseller, not an official Apple Store) says that it will receive the new iPods probably by the end of the month. I hope to have enough money by then, and if all goes well, I'm gonna get myself one of the new iPods. But what I would really like would be a 16GB nano and a 32GB touch. Hee...:-).

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chrys said...

hi there. i'm planning and have been waiting to get the iPod touch 2G 16G one and i've made a few calls to iPod product retailers like Machines and SenQ and one of them told me it'll be sold in november which i think is really late and the other source told me in 2weeks time. do you have any inside sources on when the iPod 2nd gen will be sold in Malaysia?