Tuesday, 9 September 2008

#176-Some random pictures of Sorrento and Capri Part 1

Well, like the previous post, I went on a holiday with my parents to Italy back in 2006. I was browsing through the photos on the CD that I found in the cupboard and decided to post some of the pictures I took while I was in the beautiful island of Capri and the town of Sorrento.

The hotel room key. The keychain was downright heavy!

The town of Sorrento.

Our tour guide, Andrea.

The tour bus.

We bought this as a decorative item for the walls of our house.

We also bought the table on the left.

The cats, right at the top right corner, were observing the dogs.

The cats.

Yours truly.

The ferry to Capri Island.

Me and a couple of sailors?

Orange trees.

Map of Capri Island.

The group who didn't go to Anacapri. The dog was like totally random, following us around and stuff.

Andrea explaining some stuff about the place we're going to go to.

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