Saturday, 6 September 2008

#172-European Escapade 2007 PT. 6 - Star Princess Baltic Cruise Voyage #9724; Photos Onboard 2

Part 2 of my onboard cruise pictures last year.

View from my cabin while docked in Norway.

The embarkation/disembarkation point for Norway.

Another view from my cabin while docked in Norway.

Me, Andy, Maggie from St. Thomas and Kayleigh from the USA.

Me and Jason.

Chris from the USA.

Playin' Air Hockey in the arcade.

Apple iPod.

Max from the USA with his green apples. He's the opposite of me, he says he likes green apples, but I say I like red apples.

Darius again.

Lauren and Max.

From L-R, Chris, Vini, Maggie Chang and John, all from the USA, Courtney from Australia, me, Jason, Austin, Rosie, Greg and Amanda from the USA.

From L-R, Kayleigh, Maggie, Westin, me, Chris G, and Andy.

From L-R, Forgot the names of the 2 dudes and one of the Teen Club's staff, me, Darin and Joe, all from the USA except me.

My fish.

Amanda's birthday cake.

Heart-shaped Chocolate mousse for dessert.

Very offensive, guys. LOL.

Better watch out, West. This was one of the comments I got for this picture when I posted somewhere.


Hello, girls.

Chris G from the USA.

Kayleigh, Maggie and me.

Austin, forgot-his-name dude and me.

From L-R, Maggie, Kayleigh, Matt, Andres, Me, Andrea V, Rodrigo, Alexandra, Andrea

Carson, Me and Jason.

Me and the Chicas.

2 Americans, 2 Mexicans and a Malaysian.

Chris G, Darin and Me.

Teen Club staff, Amanda and I forgot her name, sorry!

Kayleigh M, Me and Maria.

Katie and Me at the buffett restaurant.

Me and Rosie.

Alex and Alex.

The PIMP. Yeaaaa mannn!

Andrea and me.

Andres from Mexico.

Our Teen Club 'Head'.

Max, Lauren, Katie, and Me.

Me, Rodrigo and Andrea V.

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