Saturday, 6 September 2008

#171-European Escapade 2007 PT. 5 - Star Princess Baltic Cruise Voyage #9724; Photos Onboard 1

The pictures for the cruise while onboard the ship.

Fleet of all brand new Nissan cars.

Rear of the ship.

The sunset.

4th of July celebrations on the ship.

Two cows made up of different car parts.

Andy and Carson, both from the USA.

2 Americans and an Asian.

Balloons for the Treasure Hunt.

Neil the bartender, also for the Treasure Hunt.

We needed to find someone with the name Neil, one of the requirements of the Treasure Hunt.


The cruise ship, Star Princess.

Katie and her Canon camera.

Me and my Sony camera case.

Lauren from the USA.

Me and Rodrigo from Mexico.

No, it's not what you're thinking. We were just playin' around.

Austin from the USA with my Russian hat.

In the cabin.

In the cabin again. See those stickers? Those are the tour identifications stickers.

Me and Katie from the USA.

My famous one minute pose.

Austin again with Kayleigh's hairband, her camera case and my iPod nano.

Maria from England.

Jason Leung from the USA.

Darius from the USA.

Some champagne party onboard the cruise.

In the cabin again.

I was still using the Inspiron 8200 back then.

Westin from the USA.

I forgot this dude's name, he's from the USA too.

Kayleigh M from England.

Greg from Scotland.

During the second formal night, me and Andy getting ready for the Teen Club photo session.

Hannah from England.

Me, Austin, and Rosie from Scotland during formal night on a photo frenzy session.

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