Tuesday, 12 August 2008

#137-Murtabaks and Airports

Last Saturday was the last day my brother was back in Penang. His three weeks of holiday were up, but not to worry, he's coming back in December! Yay! So, had Murtabak from Hameediyah on that day and later sent him off to UK at the airport.

Murtabaks in the making.

EGGS! Lol.

The guy doing his thing.

Macalister Road.

Same-coloured top as my mum.


Departure hall entrance.

Internet check-ins are faster. Seriously.

No more Nando's at the airport. Aww.

August's issue of motoring magazine.

Me again.

International Departures entrance.

McDonald's has taken over.

See the flight MH9025 to Singapore? That's my brother's flight.

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