Thursday, 3 July 2008

#87-Life In The Past Week...

Well, I haven't actually been bloggin in the past week of what I've done and I actually got several pictures to post. So, here it is!

27/06/2008, Friday

This is actually the model of the Sony a300 that I want the most, the Champagne Gold colour version, but I'm pretty sure it's sold out already because it's limited.


Titanium-body Sony DSC-W300 camera.

Red Singaporean plates on a Lexus RX400h. I rarely see hybrid vehicles in Penang.

The box for the HTC Touch Diamond. It's suh-weet!

Samsung Armani phone also known as the Samsung SGH-P520.

The box for the Samsung phone.

28/06/2008, Saturday

The queue to enter Gama's underground parking garage.

Nicely parked under a shade.


The crowd at Gama's supermarket.

Japanese snacks @ Gama.

My fav. cup noodles, but, it's pretty expensive at RM6.50 per cup.

01/07/2008, Tuesday

The hospital I was born in, Lam Wah Ee Hospital.

June's issue of Get@Car.


02/07/2008, Wednesday

VODAVODA, Serbian water bought in Singapore.

Shot of the branding.

Listening to Carlos Baute - Te Regalo.
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