Tuesday, 15 July 2008

#102-School, Cars and a Haircut

Oo yea, brought my camera to school yesterday for a little fun session. Indeed it was. Last two lessons were actually free periods, our EST teacher didn't come. So, I went over to 5SC3 for a little photo-snappin' session as their teacher, although not absent, was late for class. Other than that, the rest of the schooling hours went pretty fine. Like she always does, our Moral teacher, Ms. Ong aka 'Lala' Ong dressed like her usual indecently style of clothing. Uncle Sam just gave us a Karangan to do from the workbook and Pn. Gan was giving English grammar exercises but I was sleeping throughout her lesson. I finished her work already, okayy! Chemistry, I did the experiment myself *clapsclapsclaps*. Lol. And Add Maths was just as usual. Oh and the lessons for yesterday weren't in the order I mentioned. Anyways, here are the pictures and gosh, I need to learn how to use Photoshop.

Pile of books for the Chemistry period.

I poured the chemicals and did it all by myself. Yay! *clapshishandsandsmackshishead*

Outside the Chemistry lab.

The Chemistry lab.

The Star newspaper.

Free copy of the newspaper just for that day.

Me and Viknesh 'Baboon'.

Delton and Me. What's with his face, I don't know.

Second period of the day.

My new pen.

Cam-whoring in class Take 1.

Cam-whoring in class Take 2.

Me and Mark.

Me and Sajendraa.

Me and Neil, my oh my, he's grown taller now.

Fu Sheng.

Me in 5SC3.


No idea what they're trying to do.

Mark and Pravin's 'Lala' pose.

Uhhh, I think I was the odd one out with the hip-hopish style pose.

Me and my best mate, Tameer.

Mark, Tameer and me.

Pravin and MArk emo-ing.

LOL. Courtesy of Yen Huey.


Now it's my turn to emo. Lol.

Emo shot of Sylvester.

Candid shot of Tameer. Not really, cause I asked him to just act like normal and I'd like to take a candid shot of him. So, technically I asked him to pose 'candidly'

Now that's a real candid-pose by Mark.


Eating in class, bad boys. *sighs*

Mark, Me, Tameer and Adrian's hand I believe.

Ben and me. Awww again...........

Me and Azhim.

Tameer's VW Golf GTI exiting the school porch. His plate no. reads out PEK4. In alphabetical terms 4=A. So, PEK4=PEKA which means the PEKA project we need to do for the Science subjects in SPM.

Well, after school, had a haircut after a lunch of porridge in the car. Then, I went to the BMW showroom to have a look at something.

At the barber.

Before the haircut.

My new haircut.

BMW M3!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! Suh-weeeeeettttttt!!!!!!!!!!!

Tameer's old BMW 530d. Cylinder broken and piston went into the cylinder. Had to replace the engine. Sad.

Partial engine bay.

Front view of his 530d.

Some weird Pontiac...

...it's pretty rare to see a Pontiac in Malaysia, especially in RHD.

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