Saturday, 14 June 2008

#58-Movies Galore...

Well, today has been good so far. Woke up at 11 today, got ready, waited for mum to come back and off I go to Gurney for a movie. At first, I watched Kung Fu Panda, it's an alright show, I give it a 7.0/10. The next movie I watched was The Incredible Hulk. The show was pretty good, a 8.9/10. I must say for your money's worth, I guess watching The Incredible Hulk will be better. I'm not saying the Kung Fu Panda show isn't good, it's just that I didn't quite like it, I'm not sure what other people think tho'. Oh and between the KFP and TIH movies, I took a chance to go to the Switch World event located at the Concourse Area of Gurney Plaza. Took some shots there, gonna submit it for the photography contest later. But I don't think I'll have the chance to win the Nikon DSLR as to win that you'll need to take shots during the fashion show, but my movie will start at 2.30pm, the fashion show also started at 2.30pm, so yea *sigh*. I'm now in Starbucks sippin' on my Dark Mocha Frap (must be my most fav. drink in Starbucks for now). Waiting for dinner tonight. It's at Chili's with my parents and my brother who just came back from England. And since petrol price on Malaysia increased to RM2.70/litre, I wouldn't bother going back home although my house is quite near Gurney. Save petrol what! Heh.

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