Saturday, 7 June 2008

#47-Singapore Madness PT. 7

Yes, I've been back in Penang since Thursday, but I'm still posting under the Singapore Madness series to share with you all my experiences. Anyways, I just realised that I totally forgot to continue my post on Singapore Madness PT. 6 after I finished blabbering about the cars and all.

So, after the Fullerton, I went to the Science Centre by cab which costs me about SGD20, my my, I did think of taking the MRT, but since my dad told me it would be easier to go there by taxi then MRT, so there it goes. But the science centre was huge, I didn't walk through the whole thing, it would cost me 8 days according to the website. I only went through part of it. I might go again the next time I go to Singapore. The price I paid for the ticket which included entrance to Snow City, a fake snow environment just next to the Science Centre, was not too bad, a mere SGD13. After that, it was lunch at McD for me, then off I headed to the Chinese Gardens in Jurong. The reason for my visit to this place was because this is the actual spot where The Amazing Race Asia 2's final pit stop was, the one where Adrian Yap & Collin Low of Singapore won the USD100,000 prize for Season 2. Another reason was that, it was apparently a nice place to take photos, and indeed it was, take lots of snaps there, and that's where most of the memory on my camera was taken up. After that, I headed for Vivo *sighs* again. for the fifth time in five days. I somehow like Vivo :->. Anyways, went to Starbucks, did PT. 6, watched The Bourne Ultimatum, and eventually went back to the hotel to get my extra battery for my camera, since I exhausted 2 of my batteries, one from my camera and the other one from my dad's camera. Since I was back in the hotel room, I thought, why not take a shower before dinner, cause it was at the Conrad and the dinner was with some of my dad's good buddies back in Manchester. I had to dress up la. Of course. Dinner was good. I peeped at the bill since I was sitting next to one of my dad's friends. IT WAS SGD546.15 which amounts to about RM1300, just for dinner! OMG!!!!!

But, the real deal was when my dad's friend let me drive his BMW 645ci around the parking garage for a taste if the car. I tell you la, the V8, you step on the accelerator for a lil' bit only, you can feel the power already. Nicee!! Thank you, uncle. Thank you. Went back to the hotel. Had a drink with that uncle for awhile while he chatted with my dad then went back to the room to surf the net for a bit and eventually slept.

The next day, woke up at around 8.20a.m. for breakfast. Bathed. Packed. Did a last minute walk around Orchard Road for about half and hour before heading for lunch with my grandaunt at a place called Crystal Jade at Ngee Ann City. After that, went Kinokuniya for a short while before going back to the hotel to chill for a sec while dad checked us out from the hotel and did the internet check-in for our flight. At the airport, we just deposited our bags at the counter and found out that our bags MIGHT not make it onto this flight. But, as we're making our way to the plane, I spotted our bags on the travellator-like-thingy which is connected to the plane. So, I said, our bags are def. on this flight. How I spotted my bag? Well, it's pink :DD.

So long, for now.

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