Wednesday, 4 June 2008

#46-Singapore Madness PT. 6

Hey hey hey!!! Wassup! Sorry for no updates these couple of days. I was busy going here and there, roaming around Singapore to places of attraction here. Yesterday, I went to Mount Faber, even reaching the point where the first clue box for The Amazing Race Asia Season 2 at Mount Faber. Aft that, I followed their route to Suntec City Tower 3. After that, what I did was just walking around the Suntec City Mall and just taking pictures. What I observed was, although the Toys'R'US at Suntec was pretty huge, it was dark and gloomy with not much peeps around unlike the one at Vivo City which I think is smaller, but it has more people. Most prob because Vivo is a livelier and more crowded place compared to Suntec City Mall. On a side note, I'm typing this at Vivo City Starbucks again for actually the fourth time in five days. I did come here yesterday before heading to Mount Faber for sightseeing but I didn't blog yesterday cause somehow I was lazy and I was there for 1/2 hour only, so yea, I basically just sat down at Starbucks just finding information about Mount Faber, SCM and where did TARA 2 go in Singapore.

Today, it started out with breakfast then after getting ready, I hopped onto a taxi to the Asian Civilisations Museum for some pictures and crossing the Cavanegh Bridge to Fullerton Hotel to take pictures of the oh-so-sweet cars at the valet parking and also to take a cab. OMMGGGG!!!!!! I experienced for my first time touching and looking at a brand new Nissan GT-R. It was at the valet park, grey in colour with brown interior. It was so suh-weet. There was also a white BMW M3, blue Audi S3, silver Jaguar XJ6, the new M-B C200 Kompressor and many more :DDD. But somehow, nothing would match the sight of seeing three Lamborghini Murcielagos in front of my hotel when I first arrived on Saturday. 1 Red, 1 Yellow and 1 Gray. Niceee!! Not to be forgotten, a grey Ferrari 612 Scaglietti across the Lambos, a Cayenne V6 and Cayenne Turbo in front of the Ferrari and a silver Maserati Quattroporte behind the Lambos.

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