Tuesday, 27 May 2008

#31-Yesterday's Events...

Well, again the plain old boring routine happened yesterday; woke up-lunch-work-tuition-dinner-work-leisure-sleep. I need to get out more often now, but I think I'll save all my energy for this Saturday until the following Thursday where I'll be in Singapore :DD!! YAY!

See that BMW? It's the first 320i Sport I see on the road. Reg. No. WRE138.

Me :-)

I don't like new Britney songs, but this is good.

Sorry if the pic is blurry, the car was moving and I just left my camera on burst mode. What happened to that house, you must be thinking? Well, apparently, as said in the papers, sometime 1 a.m. or so earlier that day, a guy lost control of his BMW and skidded and crashed into that house. Nothing major happened. And interestingly, that's the 2nd time that person's house got hit in 6 months. Awww....

Peach and Passionfruit Ahmad Tea, my fav. drink at the moment.

Yea man. Rock On!

Hmm...it stands for Moro Islamic Liberation Front, what else were you thinking??? Sigh.

Me again :-)

Listening to Jesse McCartney - Leavin'.
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