Tuesday, 22 April 2008

#5-Review of 1 Utama....WTF??

I'd like to talk about 1Utama. LOL.
I'm bored, just sitting and surfing the net at Starbucks.
Anyways, 1Utama is terribly big, it takes like 10minutes to walk from one end to the other.
And surprisingly, every time we're in KL, we will always go there. Even though we plan not to go, we somehow will go in the end.
There are a lot of shops at 1U.
It is served by two main department stores, U Parkson and Jusco. There are also several popular names here, like Starbucks, Coffee Bean, TGI Friday's, and Nando's. Well, there's the Mac City that I like, all Apple products, but ironically, I found a product that they're selling there, it's a MICROSOFT mouse. Bah, Microsoft product in an Apple Store.
There is like about more than a 1000 parking bays at 1U and there's also an adjoining hotel, One World Hotel.


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