Saturday, 26 April 2008

#6-Dinner Date :-)

Well, there was a contest held between Dec 07 and Feb 08. It was a contest by Hypertune Magazine Malaysia and it was like you could win a dinner date with the Top 3 winners of the Ms. Hypertune pageant. It's only for Maxis/Hotlink subscribers. :-)
I won second place which was dinner with Natalie Fong.
Anyways, last Tuesday (22/04/2008) was the dinner and I went down to KL just for that.... :-)
It went well, a bit bored at first but it was alright.
Well, some pics from the dinner.

Appetiser, it was a combo of raw salmon, brinjal and mushrooms, I didn't like it.

Natalie Fong Jean
Penne & Cheese

Stuffed chicken with some potatoes.
Dessert-Not that sure what's the ingredients tho'

Natalie again.....
With Murali, Editor of Hypertune

Me & Natalie

Listening to Jennifer Lopez - I'm Glad.
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