Sunday, 26 April 2009

#360-alexlovestech No.3, My new Sony Ericsson J132.

Some of you might know I have a P1i and that I am a very huge fan of Sony Ericssons. My P1i is nearly dead soon, the phone is slow, the phone sometimes hangs, the phone can turn off on it's own and the bodywork is coming off. So, I thought why don't I go shopping for a new phone. I have to get a Pay As You Go (prepaid), as I'm not 18 yet. I went to Carphone Warehouse and I immediately wanted this phone as it was cheap, it is a Sony Ericsson, and it suited my needs until I'm able to get a new and better phone in October, when I turn 18. This Sony Ericsson J132 is the cheapest Sony Ericsson available on the market and it is pretty basic. It is the only other Sony Ericsson (apart from the X1), to have a Mini-USB connector for charging and it is only one of three Sony Ericssons to have the 3.5mm jack built-in. It has a 1.5inch colour screen, FM radio, up to 450hrs of standby time, a torchlight, and an alarm clock. It is a dualband phone.

I got this phone on Virgin Mobile as it was the cheapest deal available, and it only cost me £5.00 for the phone and another £10.00 for the SIM Pack, so in total, the whole package was £15.00! What a deal! The SIM pack comes with 300 free text and £10.21 credit on the card. I wouldn't have gotten a phone if I hadn't saw this phone and the deal it was coming with.

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