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#353-alexlovestech No.1, Sony Ericsson 'Idou'

Sony Ericsson 'Idou' (pronounced as 'I Do', but I tend to call it 'E-Dough'), is a new phone from Sony Ericsson which is due to land in markets around October of this year. This phone was launched at Mobile World Congress 2009 (MWC 2009) in Barcelona last February. It is part of a new group of Sony Ericsson phones labelled under the 'Entertainment Unlimited' category. 'Entertainment Unlimited' is sort of like a mix between the Walkman category and the Cybershot category. This category promises to bring the best of both categories previously mentioned into one and the possibility of adding some gaming experience on top of that.

The 'Idou' is a true iPhone rival to me. And from what I observe from the specsheet, photos and videos provided on the internet, I can say it is much better than an iPhone. Some spec of the 'Idou';

-12.1mps camera with an advanced array of camera features, including Xenon flash, Smile Shutter, and Face Detection.
-3.5-inch 16:9 wide full touchscreen display
-3G forward facing video camera

The OS/UI on this phone is sort of like a mix between the Symbian S60, the Symbian UIQ and Sony Ericsson's Walkman Media menu system. I'm not particularly a fan of the S60 interface, but it should do fine for this phone.

Here is a video showing the UI, courtesy of Noah from;

A Sony Ericsson Idou Promo Video;

Here are some pictures of this beauty in black, which I must is looking great so far!;

And here are some pictures of the silver version which was recently spotted and posted onto the net, and this silver one doesn't look too bad either!;

All the info I got are either copied straight from the original website itself or modified a little bit. I do not rights for the pictures and the video and I just got them off these websites,

The video on the UI walkthrough;
Sony Ericsson Idou 12.1MP Cameraphone - Hands-On @ MWC 2009 by Noah of phonedog (YouTube channel) and

The Sony Ericsson Idou Promo Video;
Sony Ericsson Idou Promo Video (High-Quality) by Aman of amanmutreja (YouTube channel)

The information and photos were taken from a variety of websites and here are the links to all of them;
Unofficial Sony Ericsson Blog
Digital Tech News
GSM Arena
Mobile Cowboys

This is the official Sony Ericsson webpage for the Sony Ericsson Idou;
Sony Ericsson Idou on the Sony Ericsson website

P.S. I am eyeing this phone as my next phone. *Keeps hoping*

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