Friday, 27 March 2009

#341-Random pictures from the 17th to the 21st of March 2009.

Just some random pictures which I'm lazy to put into individual blogposts.

(17/03/2009), Something to freshen me up.

(17/03/2009), I made these sandwiches. Looks tasty, no?

(18/03/2009), Saw this Saudi Arabian-plated BMW 6-series on my way to college.

(18/03/2009), Saw this Malaysian flag hanging outside Corus Hotel London.

(18/03/2009), The sunset.

(19/03/2009), The sign of spring.

(19/03/2009), Lunch at The Japanese Canteen.

(20/03/2009), Some no-leaves trees near my friend's apartment.

(20/03/2009), One of the Hyde Park entrances from across the road.

(20/03/2009), Coffee Frap.

(20/03/2009), Cute dog? The owner went into Harrods for shopping.

(20/03/2009), That's Harrods for you who don't know how it looks like.

(20/03/2009), Outside the Malaysian Embassy.

(20/03/2009), Took this picture while waiting for the bus.

(21/03/2009), My Mango drink from Boost.

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