Thursday, 5 March 2009

#308-The Last Day of SPM.

27th November 2008, that was the last day of SPM for our batch of Form 5's last year. It was a pretty fun yet sad day (more fun though), as it was the day we all parted and the last day we stepped into the school wearing our uniforms (except those going back for Form 6). The last paper was EST 1 and EST 2 and the paper was pretty ok, I must say. Here are some pictures from that day as I brought my camera along with me to school.

Final SPM Alarm.

My breakfast for that day.

Chee Kit, Adrian, Saameer, Tameer, Me, Dhinesh and Mark.

Last time walking through here as a student.

School's entrance.

In the canteen, that's Eric sitting down smiling.

The table we all used to sit in.

The Science Stream exam hall's corridor.

Some of you may recognise him as Hoo Seh.

Ah, you rarely see me in long pants, do you?


SPM finished!!! We are the ones waiting outside the gate.

On the way home..

See me in the mirror??

iTunes playing Christina Aguilera - Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You).
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